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Colloquia are normally on Tuesdays at 11:00 am in the 4th-floor conference room, except as indicated below in bold text.
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For questions or suggestions for speakers, please contact the SwRI colloquium organizers:
Raluca Rufu, 303-226-0879 or raluca(at)
Julien Salmon, 720-208-7203 or julien(at)
Kelsi Singer, 303-226-5910 or ksinger(at)
Sierra Ferguson, sierra.ferguson(at)
Rogerio Deienno, rogerio.deienno(at)
Sam Van Kooten, 303-226-5909 or svankooten(at)

To be added to the SwRI Boulder Colloquia email list, please contact Kelsi Singer, ksinger(at)

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Tue Aug 6, 2024
In Room 424
11:00 am Francis Nimmo UC Santa Cruz TBD
Thu Aug 22, 202411:00 am Barbara Thompson NASA Goddard Next generation communication challenges
Abstract: TBD
Tue Aug 27, 202411:00 am Perianne Johnson University of Texas Institute for Geophysics TBD ocean world seafloor processes
location will be announced once the new building is open
Tue Sep 24, 2024
In Room 424
11:00 am Ben Fernando Christ Church College TBD
Tue Oct 1, 202411:00 am Kiana De'Marius McFadden Lunar and Planetary Laboratory TBD
The presentation site will be updated later after our move to the new building
Wed Apr 30, 2025
In CR5+webex
11:00 am Andy López-Oquendo Northern Arizona University TBD
Seminar needs to be rescheduled, marking it as 2025 date as a placeholder